Choosing SEO Companies to Help You

If you are in a business and the competition is stiff, then you need experienced SEO companies that can help enhance your presence in the World Wide Web. This is to help you gain more website visitors and increase the chances of having good business. These SEO companies can help you increase your rank in the search engine that will surely help you in attracting potential customers. However, there are qualities that you need to consider before choosing one of these companies. Since you will be investing on their service, you need to be assured that you are getting the service that you deserve. Here are some of the qualities that you can consider before choosing one.

  • An SEO company SEO Companiesthat offers you the realistic outcomes and tells you the truth. Some SEO companies may just give you the promises on how they can help your company be at the top of the search engines when the work is yet to be started. It would not be as easy as that. It needs to be worked on so that you can be at the top of the searches.
  • You need to be assured that the practices of the company that you are going to hire do not go beyond the rules of SEO. The exposure may just be short lived as this may be a cause for being temporarily or permanent ban on the business’ website. As strategies are against the rule, and so a consequence is to be faced and this may not be a good exposure for your company.
  • Being visible in the monitoring of your website. It is very important that the company that you hired is also constantly monitoring your website and provides you with feedback. It is them not you who knows the world of SEO. So be sure that you get the company that knows how to extend their service even after settlement has been done because this is your investment for your business and it is their job to make your website visible to the World Wide Web.
  • A good portfolio that speaks the truth about their company. You should be very attentive to the portfolios of the SEO Companies that you are considering about. This is your reference of the kind of service that they will be offering you.
  • Customer feedback. This is where you can check the kind of service that they have already provided. There will be a lot of positive comments if they are offering the service that they promised to offer.

Guided by these qualities, you can now choose the company that will really extend their help so that you can make your presence be known to your potential clients. This is how important choosing a company that gives you a topnotch SEO service because this holds the future for your business. Be wise enough to gather information about the different SEO Companies out there, compare and learn about each of them for you to have the service that you deserve.

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Creating a Great Meta Description

Search engines make use of Meta description to illustrate in words what the webpage in their results is all about. If the page does not contain an interesting Meta tag, it may still end up close to the top rank of results. However, the list will merely grab content from the site’s page. Unfortunately, this could only wind up with a link that is scarcely clicked by people.

What is Meta description?

This is an HTML tag or Meta tag meta_description_seoused to explain the content of an existing webpage. It presents a brief summation of the page in order for the readers to determine if the page is what they have been searching for or if it has interesting content. Its content is viewed in search results. When targeting an audience for your site, this is the content that potential customers can take a look at in search results together with the Meta title. The content also assists the searcher in choosing the link he or she would like to click from the different options available.

Acceptable length of Meta tag

There is actually no rule on the length of an HTML tag. But the longer the description, the more likely it will be taken out of the search results. Some people discovered a few things which include:

  • Yahoo! began taking out descriptions beyond 160-165 characters
  • MSN began cutting off descriptions after 175-180 characters; and
  • Google started taking out descriptions with more than 155-160 characters

Therefore, a Meta description will only be advantageous if it contains less than or equal to160 characters with spaces and punctuations. You may create longer descriptions but write about the most significant parts within the first 150-160 characters. One thing that must be recalled with search engine results page: it is not essentially just pulling the description; it is often pulling together text that comes from various parts of the page. Hence, it could be mashing together various sources of information into the SERP description.

Things to remember when writing a Meta tag

  • Precisely describe in words the resulting webpage. The goal is to make people click on through your page. The description is not used to affect your rank in the search results.
  • Consider the tagged information about the page such as the name of the author, date, and other necessary details. This will provide visitors some information regarding the page that otherwise may not be shown.
  • Create good quality descriptions. Just because the content is not shown on the webpage, it does not follow that people will not be able to look at it.
  • Avoid repeating details that are already in the page title. It does not add value to the page.
  • In the description, the name of the website and URL are not supposed to be included. This type of info does not add value to the page.
  • Excessive use of punctuations is also not necessary. Just periods and commas are adequate.
  • Descriptions are not supposed to be repeated in multiple pages. Avoid using program-produced descriptions.

As mentioned, the Meta tag will not affect the search ranking but will certainly impact if visitors will choose to click on the page or not. With good descriptions for all pages on a site, people will definitely have a look at the pages in the search results and will click on them.